Burrum Coast NP
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Stayed at a caravan park in a  town called Woodgate for three nights from the 8/11/2002 - 11/11/2002. Woodgate is about 50 kms south of Bundaberg.  Very small town that stretches along a pretty beach. 

Walk in the Burrum Coast National Park.  The beach we so pretty that we took an alternative route along it back to the car but we discovered after walking for about an hour on the beach that we could not get all the way due to mangrove swamps that grew down to the water.  So we had two options: 1 back track, 2 hike across country through mangrove and sheoak.  Guess which one we chose, lucky Allister had his compass.  Another time when the stress of the situation may us forget to take photos.

Dead trees due to erosion on the beach.  The oceans must be rising.  Statement based on anecdotal evidence and therefore not scientific.  All scientists reading our web site please do not email me about above statement.