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Stayed at Undara Volcanic National Park for two nights from the 11/12/2002 - 13/12/2002. Undara Volcanic National Park is about 250 kms south west of Cairns.

Undara Camp.

Undara moon through the trees above out tent.

Undara lava tubes are the largest lava tubes found in the world.  There are many lava tubes around the world but the volcanos in Undara where created due to a tectonic plate stretching rather than two plates hitting each other caused a large number of plates to erupt in one small area causing the second largest lava flow in the planets history.  The largest lava flow was a climate changer which created an ash cloud that covered the entire planet for 4 years and initiated a small ice age.

This lava tube is so big you can park three road trains side by side and still have room the swing a cat.

If you haven't heard of Undara it's because the lava tubes were not discovered until 1989 and a national park was not created in the area until 1992.  Undara is local Aborigines word for long distance which is assumed to be a description of the lava flow so presumably the locals knew about the area for a really long time.

On the road.  You wonder if the farmer who cleared this land is still farming.